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cattle slaughtering equipment from China
FOB Price :
$ 100.00 - $ 100000.00 / PCS
CIF Price :
Please contact the supplier to get the latest CIF price.
Min.Order :
Quantity :
Total Cost :
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Packing Information
Pcs/Carton:  N/A Packing Size/Carton:  N/A
Packing Vol/Carton:  N/A N.W./Carton:  N/A
G.W./Carton:  N/A QTY in 40HQ:  N/A
QTY in 40GP:  N/A QTY in 20GP:  N/A
Product Introduction
12Cattle and 20Sheep Slaughter and Dividing Line
Part One   Slaughtering Part
No Name Model Unit Qty Remarks
1 Cattle   Killing Box QFX-2800 Set 1 Box   body is made of Hot Galvanized, cylinder and pnematic part are made of   Aluminum Alloy, Machine length:2.8m
2 Blooding   Hoist   Set 1 For   the slaughtered cattle from the ground to the bloodletting orbit. Function:   slaughtered cattle or live cattle, with a band chain hook to lift cattle to   bloodletting orbit. Lifting height: 7m, lifting capacity: 2000Kg, installed   power: 3Kw, lifting speed: 14m/min. Automatic loading type. Equipped with a   low pressure control, installation materials and safety overload protection.   Equipped with a manual switch. Connected with the bloodletting buffer rail.   Hot galvanized steel structure
3 Blooding   Manual Pushing Line   M 16 Including: hot dip galvanized steel secondary beam,   hanger, stainless steel track, turnout, curved rail and connecting pieces.
4 Manual   locator   pcs 6 hot dip galvanized
5 Bloodletting   roller hook   set 15 Used   for conveyor cattle carcass on blooding line.Made by hot galvanized frame,   two stainless steel wheels with ball bearings
6 Cattle   Rail Change Hoist 1T set 1 Normal   speed lifting
7 Tube   rail pulley hook GLG-400 pcs 30 Wheel   frame is for high strength aluminum alloy material, in order to reduce   weight. Hooks and rollers are made of 304stainless steel.
8 Five   Station Carcass Processing Conveyor DSJ-2400 set 1 Hot   Galvanized frame,chains and tube rail, auto control or manual control with   control program, pitch distance:2400mm
9 Double   column pneumatic lifting platform SQT-1600 set 2 Frame is Hot Galvanized, Sheel and The   platform surface and handrail are made of stainless steel, cylinder,   pneumatic components for aluminum alloy. The lifting height: from 400mm to   2000mm
10 Hydraulic   hide puller YCJ-5300 set 1 Frane and Shell are made of Hot Galvanized,   hide puller drum is for 304stainless   steel with hdraulic system and program control system.
11 Forelegs   fixing frame   set 1 Hot   Galvanized, with 304stainless steel chains
12 Single   column pneumatic lifting platform DQT-1600 set 2 Work   with hide puller, Frame is Hot Galvanized,The platform surface and handrail   are made of 304stainless steel anti-slide plate, cylinder, pneumatic   components for aluminum alloy.
13 Electronic   rail weighing system 400Kg set 1 for   half split weight, with printing device and Screen
14 Half   Split declining machine 0.5T set 1 Normal   speed lifting
15 Tube   Rail manual pushing Line   m 80 Including: hot dip galvanized steel secondary beam,   hanger, stainless steel track, turnout, curved rail and connecting pieces.
16 Chest   Open saw   set 1 With   Balancer
Sub USD58011.00
PartTwo Sheep Slaughtering Part
1 Sheep   Hoist YTS-1 Set 1 Hot   galvanized frame
2 Sheep   Blooding Line   M 16 Including: hot dip galvanized steel secondary beam,   hanger, stainless steel track, turnout, curved rail and connecting pieces.
3 Rail   Change platform   Set 1 The   platform frame is hot dip galvanizing. The platform ladder, platform table   and handrails for 304stainless steel. Size of the platform: 1500*800*1000mm.
4 Hand   Pushing Line for sheep skinning STX-225 M 22 Including: hot dip galvanized steel secondary beam,   hanger, stainless steel track, turnout, curved rail and connecting pieces.
5 Hooks   change hoist   Set 1 Hot   galvanized frame
6 Blooding   Chains YFL-500 Pcs 30 Made   by 304SS
7 Tube   rail pulley hook for sheep GLG-300 Pcs 40 Wheel   frame is for high strength aluminum alloy material, in order to reduce   weight. Hooks and rollers are made of 304stainless steel.
8 Crotch   diverging Device YCD-320 Pcs 70 Made   by 304SS
9 Extended   sheep meat cooling hook   pcs 80 Made   by 304SS, each hook for 4pcs carcass
Sub USD20191.00
Third:Installation materials including Main beam, colums and   other materials are made by
hot   galvized, buyer can source at your local market or supplied by seller.
Cost   is USD1150/Ton        
Forth: Installation Cost: Seller will arrange for   2workers for Installation guide,buyer part should pay the cost as workers   salary,round tickets and accommodation.
Delivery: by sea containers.Delivery time: 40days   after order
Note: 1.The   stainless steel materials used for above machine and Line are food grade
       and meeting health standard   requirements    
             2. All above the Power cabinets are sealed   Water-proofed.
             3. All about the machine and   Equipment are 380/220V 50Hz according to China Standards.
             4. All Electrical components,   inverter are LG,Siemens,Mitsubishi, Schneider and so on
             5. All the Bearings are   WAFANGDIAN,China, we can change according need as NSK,SKF and so on
             6. Warranty time: Whole machine   for 1Year and easy broken parts for 6months, and we offer free for 1year use   eas broken parts

• Amanbo Return Policy applies to all orders on amanbo.com.

• If products are not as described, returns are accepted and return shipping fee should be paid by buyer.

• If products are as described, seller has the right to refuse return. Buyer should pay return shipping fee if return require is insisted on.

• All return request should be applied within 7 days since products are received.

• When return occurs, Amanbo will also refund trading commission to seller.

• Amanbo encourage buyer and seller to meet agreement on return requires. However if unluckily dispute occurs, Amanbo will intervene, judge, and provide the final determination depends on evidences approved by both sides.

  • Verified Supplier
  • Shanghai One-stop Engineering co.,ltd
  • Verified Supplier
  • China
  • Experience:
  • Established
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