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International air services
Price :
$ 5.00 - $ 1000.00 / kg
CIF Price :
Please contact the supplier to get the latest CIF price.
Min.Order :
Quantity :
Total Cost :
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Product Introduction

1. International air services:
       Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou airport international air transport operations, the main agent JL, CZ, MH, UPS, BA, OZ, FX, AF, LH, AA, QF, TG, EK, QY, QR, GF, SV, CI, AI, CX, MP and other airlines, in Europe and America special, guaranteed positions.
2. DHL International Parts Service:
       Division I transit via Hong Kong / Mainland DHL international courier service, the service line aging fast, safe, reliable, complete trajectory. For courier around the world documents and small items have price advantage. Western Europe, in parts of the United States, Southeast Asia (Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines), a large cargo clearance ability and reasonable prices. Some fake brand goods can be exported.
      3. FEDEX International Parts Service:
       Division I Federal transit through Hong Kong international express mail, the service fast, convenient query, safe and reliable, parts of the US can be a day of service, international heavy goods with special offers. For the Southeast Asian region. Some fake cards can have a better ability to export.
       4. TNT International Parts Service:
       Acting via transit international courier service TNT, TNT product has a strong advantage in Europe - clearance capacity particularly strong, strong delivery capability. Turkey bulky items and other parts of Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, freight price is very favorable. Some fake cards can have a better ability to export.
       5. UPS International Parts Service:
       Division I transit via UPS international courier service, the person responsible for the operation, Shenzhen, Hong Kong transit UPS prepaid business, flexible operation. UPS courier service in the United States and Canada and Central and South America has a strong advantage for Chinese textiles clearance better. World individual countries (India, Mexico) freight cost is very low.
      6. EMS International Parts Service:
      Division I transit via EMS international courier service. EMS service specializing in the export of sensitive goods and imitation brand-name products, such as: liquid, powder, batteries, NIKE shoes, LV bags and so on, according to the Post EMS announced price hit a low discount.


• Amanbo Return Policy applies to all orders on amanbo.com.

• If products are not as described, returns are accepted and return shipping fee should be paid by buyer.

• If products are as described, seller has the right to refuse return. Buyer should pay return shipping fee if return require is insisted on.

• All return request should be applied within 7 days since products are received.

• When return occurs, Amanbo will also refund trading commission to seller.

• Amanbo encourage buyer and seller to meet agreement on return requires. However if unluckily dispute occurs, Amanbo will intervene, judge, and provide the final determination depends on evidences approved by both sides.

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    International air services

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