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2017Guangzhou International Food Franchise Exhibition
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Model :9m2
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Product Introduction

2017 Guangzhou Food & Beverage Franchise Exhibition /2017 China Food & Beverage Franchise Exhibition /2017 China Food & Beverage Franchise Exhibition
The fifth Guangzhou International Food & Beverage Franchise Exhibition 2017
International Food Franchise Exhibition 2017Guangzhou
Time: August 2017 25--27, location: A Pazhou Complex Area (Asia's largest exhibition hall)
Second Asian meal drink industry investment exhibition
Organizer: Guangzhou Municipal People's Government World Hotel Association
Shanghai Zhen Mao Exhibition Co., Ltd.

[2017 Guangzhou food and beverage to join the exhibition introduction]
"Entrepreneurial achievement value, innovation driven development, this is the State Council's" public entrepreneurship, innovation center "strategy. The influence of this national strategy and support, to practice the management work of landing -- Guangzhou international food franchise exhibition, held August 2016 26-28 at the forefront of reform and opening up -- hot competing fourth perfect bloom. Fourth the 2016 Guangzhou international food and beverage Franchise Exhibition is hosted by the Guangzhou Municipal People's government, the World Federation of hotels, this exhibition is invited to 338 exhibitors, more than 600 brands exhibition site. The closing rate accounted for 85%, the total amount of signing for the 2620 single, the contract amounted to 209 million 600 thousand yuan, the intentional client is 32000 and the value of 2 billion 560 million yuan.
Since the exhibition has created 360 thousand investment entrepreneurs, more than 3 thousand and 500 brand restaurant chain provides quality service docking. Among them are the following brands: Hand-Pulled Noodle, Ajisen long live sushi, matador, Tienmu Bluebird, ten to Hot pot, cooking, brother Ma can be hot, Jiapo, Guilin, Liu Fuji, Bonzi Rice noodles Hanshe catering, Sen, Malatang, Yue Prius boil rot, REMICOME, Guan Dou spicy shrimp, Beller, space Mong LAN Pavilion, wooden drinks, Perrier group, cattle champion, ALICHICKEN, m, Huang tea, many world in ancient times, tea, rice noodle, ZhengXin Yinxiang group Dagu chicken, sweet tea, coffee, Kuroryo Taro, Connaught, Thank u mom can Rui honey, Chipisa, ye take food, tea, legend the fish pond, etc.
[2017 Guangzhou food and beverage to join the exhibition re cast]
Outlook 2017, fifth Guangzhou international food franchise exhibition and exhibition, is expected to exceed 47600 square meters, exhibitors will reach 600, and the number of guests will exceed 120000 passengers. At the same time: the international restaurant chain brand investment will be + + Commercial high-end docking will promote the portal, the combination of online and offline resources, three-dimensional strong promotion.
[2017 Guangzhou food and beverage to join the exhibition at the same time the scene activity]
2017 commercial real estate and restaurant chain to join the brand
The third Guangdong public entrepreneurship peoples Innovation Forum
Food chain franchise brand road show promotion
2017 food chain to join the brand new conference
[2017 Guangzhou food and beverage to join the exhibition range of Exhibits Scope]
1,: Chinese restaurant chain catering enterprises, fast food, Hot pot restaurants etc..
2, western restaurant chain catering enterprises: Japanese cuisine, Korean bibimbap etc..
3, fashion drinks: coffee, tea, restaurant chain, tea drinks, bars etc..
4, characteristics: chicken, duck, famous local flavor, flavor delicacy, special snack products, halal food etc..
5,: leisure food chain catering enterprises cakes, moon cakes, fast food, seafood etc..
6, hotel: Traders Hotel, Economy Inn Airport, hotel apartments, hotels and other tourism chain enterprises.
7, catering equipment exhibition: POS / ordering system, packing equipment, logistics equipment, cold chain storage and kitchen supplies
8, "the city delicacy" thematic exhibition
[2017 Guangzhou food and beverage to join the exhibition at the expense of Fee Participation]
Booth type (specifications) booth price
In China (RMB) in abroad (USD) double open
Standard booth (size: 3 M * 3 M) RMB 12800 yuan / no standard exhibition additional 1000 yuan
Deluxe booth (size: 3 M * 3 M) RMB 13800 yuan / USD 2200 /
Light (to rent from 36 M2) RMB 1200 / M 2 USD 220 / M 2
[2017 Guangzhou food and beverage to join the exhibition advertising fees fees Advertising]
The Journal of advertising letter page bottom cover / three color pages black and white cross color version content introduction
With fee 20000 yuan 12000 yuan 10000 yuan 5000 yuan 8000 yuan 800 yuan 3000 yuan
The exhibition bag advertising: 50000 yuan /1 million site documents back advertising: 30000 yuan /1 million
Advertising documents lanyard: 20000 yuan /1 million site roadshow / presentation: 12800 yuan /30 minutes
[2017 Guangzhou food and beverage to join the exhibition procedures / Procedures Participation]
1 fill in the "application form" mailing or fax to the organization booth implementation of the "first application, first payment, first arrangement" principle;
2 booth application within three days after the participation fee 50% deposit by telegraphic transfer or paid to the organizing unit, the balance transfer before July 1st or paid to the organizing unit, after remitting the expenses, please send remittance sheet to the exhibition organizer.
3 according to the "manual of the exhibitors" arrangements for exhibitors (hotels, transportation, construction, leasing, on-site translation, etc.).

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    2017Guangzhou International Food Franchise Exhibition

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